Product Manuals

Our product manuals may be downloaded as a complete version or as individual sections. Troubleshooting and maintenance information can also be found here, filed under “General”.

4600-Series GoldenLine™ (also applies to 4700-Series ThermoPlus™)

Installation PDF Document
Installation Manual (Complete) Download (2.51 MB)
Fixed Windows Download (1.61 MB)
Tilt & Turn Windows and Doors Download (1.81 MB)
Casement & Awning Windows Download (1.61 MB)
Hinged Doors Download (1.83 MB)
Tilt & Glide Doors Download (1.95 MB)
TIlt & Glide Doors - UPDATE Download (868.51 KB)
Maintenance PDF Document
Maintenance Manual (Complete) Download (2.23 MB)
Operating Tips Download (1.48 MB)
Caring for Your Windows and Doors Download (1.49 MB)
Ventilation and Condensation Download (1.39 MB)
Adjustments Download (1.80 MB)
Blind Installation Download (1.55 MB)
Screen Installation Download (1.45 MB)


Installation and Maintenance PDF Document
Installation and Maintenance Manual (Complete) Download (865.43 KB)


Maintenance PDF Document
How to Remove Baked on Protective Window Film Download (565.20 KB)
Condensation — FAQ Download (447.86 KB)
Cleaning & Maintenance of Your Vinyl Windows and Doors Download (796.65 KB)
Installation and Maintenance PDF Document
Consumer Guide to Window & Door Replacement Download (1.39 MB)