Basement Egress Windows

What are egress windows?

Egress windows are required – by code – in bedrooms that do not have a door that leads directly to the exterior. Their purpose is to provide a means of escape in case of fire.

Egress windows must provide a certain clear opening width, height, and area, and be operable without special tools or knowledge.

Sliding windows often cannot provide the required clear opening, as half the window is fixed.

Casement windows do meet the criteria for egress windows, but using the crank handle to open the window can be time consuming and difficult, especially for younger children and people with limited mobility in their hands and arms.

This is why we at EuroLine believe that French tilt & turn windows are the perfect solution for egress windows. With a simple turn of the handle, taking no more than a second, the window is put in the “turn” position, and can be fully opened to the inside to provide a means of escape.

When egress is needed through windows with restricted window height, such as is often the case in basement suites, a French-style tilt & turn window may provide the necessary clear opening*.

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*Minimum window size required: 40″ x 20 1/2″ (RO size: 41″ x 21 1/2″)

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