Residential Rollshutters

Residential Rollshutter Systems

Rollac* Rolling Shutters

Buildings consume 39% of all energy and are also the largest source of carbon dioxide emission. Rollac, a leading manufacturer of rollshutters with more than 30 years of experience, strives to engage in environmentally responsible practices and pledges to integrate principles of sustainability into their rollshutters and day to day operations. Rollac is the only company in North America that manufactures rollshutters from raw materials to finished solutions.


rollshutters_duracomfort_slatThe DuraComfort line is an insulated shutter solution designed to block solar heat in front of the window, avoiding overheating of your home, keeping the indoor atmosphere comfortable, and conserving valuable energy. The foam core offers low volume operation and provides additional insulation. DuraComfort Shutters are also available with light slits for additional light control and ventilation.


*EuroLine reserves the right to provide rollshutters of comparable quality and specifications fabricated by other manufacturers.

Why Install Rollshutters?

Why you should install rollshutters in your home:

1. Protection from prying eyes
Enjoy the privacy of your own four walls. Rollshutters up; rollshutters down.

2. Weather protection
During rain, snow, hail, wind and strong sunshine, aluminum rollshutters provide efficient protection. The interior of your home remains comfortably cool and shaded. Furniture and floor coverings are protected against fading.

3. Noise insulation (when rollshutters are closed)
Aluminum rollshutters with noise insulating and CFC-free insulating foam reduce noise levels considerably for better sleep at night, or during the day.

4. Energy efficiency
An insulating air space is formed between the window and the rollshutter. The insulating value of a window with heat-insulated glass can be improved by up to 20% with an exterior-mounted rollshutter system.

5. Security
Rollshutters don’t make life easy for intruders. When rollshutters are closed, the aluminum slats provide an additional barrier between thieves and the interior of your home.

6. Comfortable operation
You can easily raise and lower your rollshutters with a crank handle. Alternatively, if you choose the optional motor, your rollshutter is easily controlled at the touch of a switch or button on a remote control.

7. Protection for your windows
Rollshutters protect your windows from extreme weather, such as hail, and other stray flying objects that might otherwise result in your having to replace the glass unit of your window.

8. Added character
With your choice of angular or round design, and a variety of color options, rollshutters can add character to the exterior of your home.

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