3300-Series Folding Doors



3300-series folding doors are being discontinued to make room for new products.
All remaining stock will be sold at a high discount.
Please see the documents below for more information.


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The interior side of the frame, sash and sill profiles are flush for an attractive appearance.

The frame is made of vinyl-clad aluminum for strength, while the sashes are made of uPVC and are reinforced with welded steel tubing.

uPVC polymers exhibit outstanding light and weather resistance as well as colour durability. After 10,000 hours of exposure in the Weather-Ometer, no change in colour is discernible, the notch impact strength is scarcely altered, and there is no visible change in surface gloss.

High-impact resistant uPVC is essential during transportation and installation when window frames are subjected to bending and exposure to low external temperatures in winter. Under these conditions, cracking is much less likely with uPVC than with regular PVC.

Since uPVC contains no plasticizers or lead it is 100% recyclable, and – most importantly – it won’t make your family sick.

Sash corners are fusion-welded for strength and to prevent air and water infiltration.

Thicker walls give the doors more strength overall, and specifically in the corners, where more material means a better, stronger weld.

The smooth exterior makes the windows easy to clean with water and a mild soap.

The sill consists of oxidized aluminum and has an 18mm thermal break. With an upstand of only 25mm, the sill has a low profile to avoid tripping.

Extruded profiles are available in white.


CrossSection_HandleAll panels are fitted with specially-developed seal profiles*.

In order to reduce the risk of injury on moving parts, the hollow seal profiles are made from flexible material.

*Folding doors are not NAFS compliant.
EuroLine Windows makes no guarantee with regards to performance.


Each panel is fitted with heavy, adjustable rotating hinges with PVC coating. Individual as well as two-folding panels lock top and bottom by means of a concealed rod; all operating levers come with keyed locks. Swing-in entry panels include multi-point hardware and a keyed lock with deadbolt.

The door carriage is made from high-grade steel: non-rusting, ball-bearing rollers are highly durable. The sill carriage channel has a cover to protect it from dirt.


Every 3300-series folding door comes standard with a 24mm deep dual-pane tempered insulated glass (IG) unit with a LoE (low emissivity) soft coating, argon gas fill, and warm edge spacer. Each pane of glass is at least 4mm thick.

A 36mm triple pane IG unit, as well as many other glass options, is also available.

Tempering the glass strengthens it and makes it safer in case of accident, as it shatters into small, dull pieces rather than sharp glass shards.

The LoE soft coating improves energy efficiency by reflecting radiant heat from the sun back out in the summer, keeping the interior of the house cool, and reflecting radiant heat from heating back inside in the winter, resulting in less heating being needed.

In addition, the LoE coating also reduces UV transmittance, which helps save your furniture from fading.

Because argon gas is heavier than air, it is a better insulator. Using argon gas between the glass panes results in less heat transfer, which means less moisture and ice buildup on the glass.

The spacer that is used in the IG unit also plays a very important role in how it performs. Metal spacers not only transfer much more heat, they also are more likely to fail, allowing the argon gas to escape, moisture to enter, and mold to grow.

This is the reason why all EuroLine windows have a Super Spacer – a warm edge technology spacer that significantly improves glass performance. After a 5-year high-humidity test it was found that 99% of the argon was retained.

Since EuroLine does not use glazing tape and dry glazes all units, glass replacement is fast and easy if it ever becomes necessary. The glazing stops that are located on the interior are taken out, the old glass unit is removed (this does not require any cutting and/or cleaning of glazing tape or silicone), the new unit inserted and the glazing stops replaced.

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