Pleated Blinds


Cosiflor is the market leader in pleated blinds in Europe. The success of the nearly 90 year old company is based on quality and innovation.

Atmosphere in your home

Whether you are looking for privacy or solar shading, Cosiflor pleated textile blinds act as functional and elegant solutions. In most sizes blinds can be drawn from the top and/or the bottom, making it possible to control how much sun comes in throughout the day. Blinds are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and translucency levels, letting you achieve the desired atmosphere and ambiance in each room of your home.

Perfect for tilt & turn

There are a variety of installation options available for Cosiflor pleated blinds. A very popular and unobstructive installation method is between the glazing beads. Where this is not possible (this may be the case with triple-glazed units), blinds can also be installed on the window frame or sash, or inside the window return.

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